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Security Cameras



CCTV is a practical security measure for almost any environment.


Anywhere that the safety of customers, staff, patients, or business assets is valuable should be armed and protected against potential hazards or theft. Moreover, 50% of facilities such as banks, malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. use VHS or 1st generation digital surveillance today, even though their premises are already wired for advance digital surveillance. Upgrade or add a system tailored specifically to your premise’s needs.


Surveillance of the floor, dressing rooms and checkout areas of retail stores can manage and even prevent shoplifting. Hotels with many floors, guests and square feet are often difficult to monitor, especially when most hotel employees operate on the main level. With our Clear2there surveillance cameras and environmental sensors (including as heat, smoke and glass break detectors), you can ensure the safety of guests even from the lobby.


Video surveillance extends beyond the protection of a business to the protection of people. In schools, churches and medical facilities, the constant monitoring of patients or members is essential. Grant a watchful eye for those who need it most – young children, college students on large campuses, and the elderly. With a central DVR monitoring, a single employee can overlook the safety of patients or students in multiple locations.

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Security Cameras

National Insurance Providor expands to two Long Island Locations

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, Optel managed their Long Island office expansion to their Garden City and Melville locations.

Committed to providing physically disabled students with high academic performance.

Optel BCS has been providing infrastructure-cabling services to the Viscardi Center for over 20 years. We have helped them through numerous expansion projects.

A $20 Million Sports Complex on the 100-acre Brookhaven Campus

Dowling college expanded their athletic department with a $20 million development for a state of the art athletic complex. Optel BCS was awarded the contract to building the underground fiber-optic system. 

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