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Corporate Office - Garden City


Long Island Office Expansion.

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, is proactively reducing the cost of healthcare by offering self-insured options to employers with as few as 15 employees in New Jersey and 50 in New York. For more than 20 years MagnaCare has provided services to self-insured employers and health, workers’ compensation and no fault payers, including commercial insurers,


Optel managed their Long Island office expansion into their Garden City and Melville markets. The Garden City office required multiple MDF locations feeding from their main computer center. The locations were fed with fiber optic cables and the system was networked between 3 floors off office space.


The infrastructure system utilized high-density fiber enclosures with corresponding modules and adapter panels, and mountable wire raceway to facilitate cable management.


The Melville office was a similar scope with multiple MDFs and Installation of proper rack and enclosure hardware systems.


Combined the locations required 400+ dual structured cable runs to power their PC workstations and their voice over IP phone system. The stations were terminated onto


MagnaCare’s primary focus was to build an infrastructure that will lead them into future expansion.               


With the implementation of a structured cabling solution, Magnacare has been able to increase the efficiency and reliability of its data center infrastructure.


The solution also has allowed MagnaCare to increase scalability and effectively plans for the future growth of its network.

National Insurance Providor expands to two Long Island Locations

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, Optel managed their Long Island office expansion to their Garden City and Melville locations.

Committed to providing physically disabled students with high academic performance.

Optel BCS has been providing infrastructure-cabling services to the Viscardi Center for over 20 years. We have helped them through numerous expansion projects.

A $20 Million Sports Complex on the 100-acre Brookhaven Campus

Dowling college expanded their athletic department with a $20 million development for a state of the art athletic complex. Optel BCS was awarded the contract to building the underground fiber-optic system. 

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