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Personalized learning for every student.

State University of New York (SUNY) College has a network infrastructure that rivals many commercial enterprises!


The College is home to an incredible network environment that delivers secure services to 3,300 students and 120 faculty members.


Provide students with personalized, connected learning with an affordable and secure experience-driven learning environment.


Making education relevant in a digital world

Education is one of the cornerstones of a stable, evolving society. Better employment opportunities, improved wellbeing, innovative research, and a more informed and engaged citizenry are just some of the benefits of education. And yet educators and students are struggling today with the relevance of the current education system to our rapidly evolving world.


Information and communications technology is key

Classrooms, lectures, written homework, and exams have been the principle teaching tools for centuries. But the world has changed radically, especially the modern workplace, where information and communications technology (ICT) has transformed the way people work, learn and collaborate.


For next-generation students to become next-generation employees and citizens, they will need — among other changes to the education system — next-generation ICT as an integral part of their education experience. And it must be delivered at an affordable price.


Collaborative and Mobile Campus

Communicate and collaborate for a multi-media interactive learning experience, anywhere and anytime.


Safe Campus Networks

Secure your campus through awareness, response coordination and campus notification.


Secure and Converged Campus

Converge your voice, data and video for a secure and reliable network.


Products for Education Solutions

Improve your students' learning experience, increase collaboration and make resources more accessible with our full range of products for educational institutions.


Safe Campus Solutions:

Going Beyond Emergency Notification


Alcatel-Lucent has worked with many schools to implement unified communications systems that support lockdown procedures, provide emergency notification, enable collaboration with first responders, and integrate with building control systems to support surveillance, deliver alarms and alerts, and enhance the awareness and responsiveness of campus security personnel and administrators. 


Alcatel-Lucent Communication Solutions for Higher Education


Advanced communications for today’s students. Affordable solutions for today’s budgets.


Case Studies

SUNY College AT Old Westbury expands portfolio of Alcatel-Lucent products to enhance campus experience

A highly reliable and personal learning experience for every student

The Grades are in: 

Only safe Network Access Control gets A+ in risk reudction


Safe NAC enables students and faculty to study and work on devices of their choice.


Major School System improves staff/home communications


Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprice IP system links 27 schools and all classrooms district-wide in Wol Creek Public Schools.







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Personalized learning for every student.

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