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Application Fluent Networks.





Scalable, secure and

highly available.

Provide an innovative low latency, network architecture with an extensive portfolio of industry-leading, right-sized platforms.




Dynamic turning and high quality user experience.

Deliver comprehensive visibility into users, devices and applications to deliver fine grained QoS and policy enforcement that automatically adjusts to adds/moves/changes.




Bringing agility to the network and simplifying the life of IT.

Enable rapid deployment, management and operations of the network through built-in intelligence and unified management capabilities with standards-based interfaces to SDN workflow tools.

Our Application Fluent Network is based upon a resilient architecture with the network dynamically adapting to the application, user and device in use to provide a high quality user experience, as well as bring simplicity to operations.


Our architecture is a foundation for cost effective real time application delivery such as video on an all IP network – leveraging Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s experience and heritage.


It includes a simplified network topology with reduced layers, increased optimization of all network elements, built-in security and designs for resilient low latency operation that ensures failures of a network link or switch module are transparent to the application.


Provides automatic control of real time application delivery with a unique ability to dynamically tune network performance based upon the user, the application, the device, and location.


Streamlined operations means that the burden on the IT team is significantly reduced through automation, consistency of features, and integrated tools for troubleshooting


Application fluent networks are capable of recognizing traffic flows of specific applications such as OpenTouch  and automatically tuning the treatment for particular applications based upon the context of the conversation: devices and users.


Application fluent networks are built upon three foundational concepts:

  • A simplified architecture for security, scalability and reliability,

  • Automated controls for providing a high quality user experience with real-time applications

  • Streamline operations through automation to relieve make the task of managing the network much easier.


 An application fluent network is critical in removing two important barriers to cloud adoption: poor application delivery performance and security.

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