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OXO Connect for SMB.
Simple, Robust, Connected = OXO Connect.


Connect the right people at the right time in a new enriched ecosystem tailored for SMBs


Customer satisfaction is not just about the quality and value of your products and

services. It is also about how quickly clients, partners and suppliers can reach you, how well they are greeted, and how long they need to stay online to have their

questions answered.

More than 18 million users worldwide already enjoy the benefits of Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SMB.

Help your staff to share their knowledge easily and in real time or to work from

home while enjoying full, secure access to company information. Enable seamless

communications so staff can leave the building while they are on a call. Maintain

a single directory for your mobile and office phone.

Converged voice and data portfolio answers all the SMB customer’s needs.



The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® Suite for SMB portfolio includes a wide variety of deskphones combined with rich voice/data collaboration and mobility solutions specifically tailored to meet SMB needs.

OXO Connect


Simple, Robust, Connected: an all-in-one, end-to-end converged solution for voice and data, with zero-touch deployment OXO Connect is our new generation of OmniPCX Office RCE, a robust communication server for enhanced telephony up to 300 users. OXO Connect delivers a 3-year support to protect your investment. Our goal is to offer a hybrid approach with simple telephony and UC solutions with less complicated systems delivered on the SMB premises and value-added services provided in the cloud. 

OXO Connect delivers professional telephony features and applications you need to increase customer satisfaction, optimize costs and enjoy the prosperity your business deserves. 

The OXO Connect is at the heart of our complete feature-rich SMB offering called OpenTouch® Suite for SMB, an ecosystem that includes:

  • A complete range of industry-leading wireline/wireless business telephony

  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anytime, anywhere

  • Efficient desktops to increase productivity

  • Customer welcome from simple voice mail to integrated call routing, providing a professional greeting and increasing customer satisfaction

  • Single network infrastructure for voice and data services, which reduces costs

  • Cloud based real-time unified communication services

With this new offer, ALE starts a new era for SMB and confirms its leading position in this market.

​Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for Small and Medium Business

To succeed as a small or medium business (SMB), you need to keep customer satisfaction and employee productivity high and operational costs low. 

Business is Better with Microsoft Office 365

Create, edit, and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from your PC/Mac, iOS, AndroidTM, or Windows devices, so you can get more done—anytime, anywhere.

Feel the Power of the Business Phone Revolution

Looking for a business telephone service that can move with the times and grow with you? A cloud-hosted VoIP solution can give you that and more.

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