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Network Cabling.


Network Cabling


Our Structured Cabling Specialists provide a cost-effective turnkey structured cabling solution using technicians and engineers fully qualified to work with the latest copper and fibre optic data and voice cabling systems such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7.​

We are specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of data, voice cabling and security cabling, keeping to budget and schedules whilst disruption to a minimum.

Our solutions include one-off cabling projects to on-going network infrastructure support. From single and multi-site solutions, both in design and installation we operate a personal one to one consultancy.

Cat 5e, Faster with less interference-

The enhanced version of Cat 5 supports 1 gigabit speeds and offers less crosstalk, the interference you sometimes get between wires in the cable. As the lowest category cable for gigabit Ethernet it’s a cost-effective solution which will provide a faster, more reliable speed, compared to Cat 5.

Cat 6, The cabling system choice for many years-

Cat 6 has been the cabling system of choice for many years and was designed to run the same Ethernet protocols as Cat 5e, but offers a significant performance boost. Cat 6 supports a bandwidth up to 250MHz and is perfect for multiple and simultaneous network demands, including large data transfers and video conferencing.

Cat 6a, Double the bandwidth-

Cat 6a offers an even greater performance boost supporting a bandwidth of 500MHz compared to the 250MHz of Cat 6. It is a 10 gigabit solution. It has far less interference which is great for when a greater distance needs to be covered.

Cat 7 & Cat 7a, The bandwidth performers-

Cat 7 is considerably costlier than most other cabling solutions, but with 600MHz bandwidth it is the standard for ultra-fast Ethernet. Cat 7a can handle bandwidth up to 1GHz which is phenomenal. Both cables are shielded which is mandatory.

Network Cabling.

Fiber Optics

Wireless Networks

Security Cameras

National Insurance Providor expands to two Long Island Locations

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, Optel managed their Long Island office expansion to their Garden City and Melville locations.

Committed to providing physically disabled students with high academic performance.

Optel BCS has been providing infrastructure-cabling services to the Viscardi Center for over 20 years. We have helped them through numerous expansion projects.

A $20 Million Sports Complex on the 100-acre Brookhaven Campus

Dowling college expanded their athletic department with a $20 million development for a state of the art athletic complex. Optel BCS was awarded the contract to building the underground fiber-optic system. 

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