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Fiber Optic


Fiber Optic Installations


Fibre Optic networks can transform your business with a significant increase in speed and numbers of users simultaneously accessing data such as video and conferencing.

As with many businesses, the demand for networks spanning larger distances often create more difficulties when using copper cables. Increased interference, attenuation, signal distortion, and crosstalk become the much too heard complaints about copper cables.

Fibre optic cables offer a wide bandwidth increasing data rates. The low attenuation of fibre allows for much longer cables to be run without the need to include additional equipment as with traditional copper cables. The best thing about Fibre cables is that they are not affected by electromagnetic interference, again eliminating the use for additional equipment. Fibre optics really do provide the best in reliability and security.

Our Structured Cabling Specialists provide installation services, from design, installation, terminating, testing, and commissioning, to maintenance and support, with successful Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fibre Optic installations for clients over the years.

We’re an experienced fibre optic cabling contractor, working direct with the end-user or through many of the UK’s most recognized contractors, fit-out companies, and consultants.

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National Insurance Providor expands to two Long Island Locations

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, Optel managed their Long Island office expansion to their Garden City and Melville locations.

Committed to providing physically disabled students with high academic performance.

Optel BCS has been providing infrastructure-cabling services to the Viscardi Center for over 20 years. We have helped them through numerous expansion projects.

A $20 Million Sports Complex on the 100-acre Brookhaven Campus

Dowling college expanded their athletic department with a $20 million development for a state of the art athletic complex. Optel BCS was awarded the contract to building the underground fiber-optic system. 

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