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What you need to now about the new Suffolk area code.

As of June 18, Suffolk residents will have 3 more digits to dial before making any county-to-county calls.

A new 934 area code will be issued to Suffolk county residents who purchase new phones. All Suffolk-to-Suffolk calls will require all 3 digital area codes to be dialed prior to the seven-digit number, even if the call is going to the same area code. No +1, like most other out-of-area calls, will be required.

This effort came after a long debate weather the county should split the area geographically, similar to the 1999 split from 516 to 631, or an "overlay" option which would require the 10 digit dialing.

The ”overlay” option saved local businesses the expense of changing marketing material, replacing signage and loss of business.

During the transition, customers are asked to check all equipment including fax machines, automatic dialing equipment, speed dialers, and alarm & security systems, recognizing the incoming “934” area code in the systems.

Emergency services can still be reached by solely dialing 911.

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