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What Management can do to be prepared for a Crisis Situation.

Mass Notification Systems

As unfortunate as it is, tragedies such as what happened in Orlando recently this month is a reality, that none of us want to believe.

It is with a heavy heart that I sit back and wonder what could have been done to help the poor people that are affected by such a horrendous act.

The truth is, there is not much that could have been done by any one person to stop this deeply disturbed individual that attacked the innocent patrols of the Orlando nightclub.

But, as a business owner or property manager it is our responsibility to be as prepared as possible for a situation of this magnitude. Processes and procedures must be in place to contain or remediate a crisis situation.

How would you keep your employees, patrons, and guests safe from this type of horrific situation? Do you have effective communication tools to stay in contact with everyone in or around your facility in the event of an emergency?

Weather people are going to a nightclub, school, hospital, church, or theater, we have to be sure they are aware of the surroundings and that we can effectively communicated to the majority of the people that are there.

Unfortunately we do not live in a world where it is safe to ignore headlines and adopt a “it wont happen to me” mentality that is so easy to embrace.

All of our crisis planning and procedures should be ever-growing, and evolving processes. The reality of the matter is that every business large or small should be prepared for a crisis situation.

To develop a comprehensive crisis communication plan takes a large effort and commitment by management, but the commitment could quite literally mean the difference between life and death.

To be able to distribute real time information to mobile devices and instantaneously communicate updates about an event as it unfolds to those who be effected the most is an invaluable resource.

Orders for containment and remediation can be blasted to the masses to be sure each individual is part of the action plan.

If you can read, hear and see what’s happening in and around your organization as it is happening you will have the greatest chances of doing something about it.

You can analyze all the information that is collected and respond accordingly to improve the safety and security of all those that are affected.

Situation Awareness is a responsibility that all property owners should take seriously. Unfortunately the news has reminded us all too often that crisis situations are an unpredictable reality. It is important to be prepared and ready.

To learn more about situational awareness technology and mass notification, please call Optel BCS at 631-348-7200.

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